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This campaign is a play by post that is meant to be played over years. The campaign itself is loosely based on the Anime/Manga series Shikabane Hime or Corpse Princess. Those viewers or readers of the series know that corpses do not necessarily die, some harbor intense regrets and thus reanimate themselves. Some lucky few girls (this IS Anime/Manga after all!) who have died and reanimate, get the opportunity to kill normal Shikabane by becoming Shikabane Hime. These girls get to dress in high school clothing and kick ass (Anime/Manga…you know the drill). The catch for these girls is that they must form a bond with a Contracted Monk in order to avoid becoming Shikabane themselves. The monk provides life energy to the Shikabane Hime and in return, the Shikabane Hime kills shikabane for the monks.

In this campaign there is a similar dynamic. A support character provides healing surges, life, and in general takes care of the undead power character who in general is supposed to kick ass and take names. The benefits of each type of character are simply that a support character is far better dealing with other people since the power character is…well…undead. Cue screams from the townsfolk. The power character is far better at dealing damage. Any race can become either one of these characters (subject to DM review). Males can also become a power character. The reason for these changes are that this is D&D and most people enjoy playing something other than regular vanilla human. The second reason and possibly THE MOST important reason is that I would likely be slapped silly if I attempted to follow the Anime/Manga series to the letter by only allowing girls of a certain age to become the power characters. I don’t like getting slapped. Despite the great temptation to see what would happen, I must resist!

Now the reason this campaign is only loosely based on the Anime/Manga series beyond the reasons stated above is twofold: First and most importantly I felt that leaving it as is would NOT be fun for the support character. Sitting around occasionally dishing some stuff out just doesn’t cut it for most people. Second, rules changes are required to make this fit into D&D and I did not want to complicate things too badly by making up too many new powers and abilities.

Regardless, there will be a playtest period which will be called training. This is to ensure that the modifications made to the basic rules make the game fun for both support character and power character alike.

The rough background for any support character is that they have been training for this day for some time and they finally get bound to a willing undead. For the undead, they died. They came back due to some intense regret, but luckily they were caught quickly and brought to the temple to be bound (if willing).

The concept of the campaign is that once training is over, our heroes will be given assignments to seek out and destroy any undead that rise from the grave. They will increase in skill over time and they will be given tougher assignments. Hopefully interesting assignments as well. Wish us luck!

Corpse Slayers Campaign

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